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bug with lion OS

Whenever i try to open a book fron the shell, a message is prompted saying " cannot open book file ….does your system have a pdf viewer installed". I installe x reader , but always the same message ?! Im disapointed,

Too expensive and not enough features.

Thought I would be able to drag books from bookshelf on to my e-reader. Basically paid $5 to look at book covers. Lame

Not quite what I wanted it to do...

The information provided above is quite misleading. Youre not able to read "epub" books from your iTunes library. You can import a list but then you end up with error: "***.epub” could not be opened. BookShelf cannot open files in the “ePUB” format." Thats something you should know before buying!!!

limited function.

You can select a folder to select books from, however program takes files from other places also. It also collects PDF files. No way to be selective. Program selects what ever it wants to. Serious flaws in program. Wasted money as of now. Needs detailed corrections in programing.


Been purchasing apps since the iPad came out. Complete waste of money. Apple should remove this application form the store. The look makes you think the bookshelf will work like iBooks on an iPad. Shame on apple for accepting.

Worst Ever

This is the worst that I have purchased. Can not open books that I downloaded. Please fix!!!!!!


Dont believe that it can open ePub format like it claims. It cant I just tried it a few different ways. Find something else.

PDF Compatibility !

Its a must for any bookshelf ! I feel disapointed to be unable to see my pdf books on the self. You need also to improve the graphics. Looks ugly on the Mac Leon !

DO NOT BUY unil fixed

How can Apple sell this app when it cant read books purchased from ITunes on the IPad Bookshelf. Crazy irresponsible. Please fix or refund our payments!!!



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